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I'm just a girl who found her passion by doing something I had no interest in. So I quit my 9 to 5 and took a leap of faith.  I went on to educate myself on the craft of beauty and branding and never stopped learning new trends and techniques.

Since then I've managed to build a solid clientele and loyal following. I truly enjoy sharing my story! It's crazy because I have never really had any formal training on any of the services I offer. I say that to let everyone know, that you honestly can do anything you set your mind to do!

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The Year Of The Girl Boss Hustler!

Now I have a new BABY, not a human, but a new Business! GIRL BOSS HUSTLE!

The mission is to ensure women and girls understand they have the capacity to be entrepreneurs and to recognize their innate ability to execute and conquer any goals set. I aim to encourage young girls to be their own boss and to approach positions of power boldly. 

Booking with me you'll be sure to leave feeling

amazing inside and out! Call me a creep but I love getting all up in your mix ( in a good way lol ).

I want to know about you!

The more I understand about you, and your overall style, the better I'm able to do my job. 

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